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Annual Meetings

An annual general meeting is a meeting of the general membership of an organization. These organizations include membership associations and companies with Our Team. These annual general meeting (AGM), Head of the company accounts team present the company's financial performance and team vote on the issues at hand.

An organization may conduct its business at the annual general meeting. The business may include electing a board of directors, making important decisions regarding the organization, and informing the members of previous and future activities.[1] At this meeting, they ask any questions regarding the directions the business will take in the future.

At the annual general meeting, the president or chairman of the organization presides over the meeting and may give an overall status of the organization.[2] The secretary prepares the minutes and may be asked to read important papers.[3] The treasurer may present a financial report.[4] Other officers, the board of directors, and committees may give their reports.

At such meeting, the Company Secretary of the Company plays a crucial role in convening, conduct, and to attend the meeting. They may be supported by their Corporate Secretarial team.