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Services for Farmers

At India Crop Science Private Limited, we feel responsible to create awareness among farmers about the importance of safety measures while spraying or using various crop protection products in the field.

These multilingual awareness campaigns and tutorials are a regular feature of our Farmer Meetings.

Farmers Events

Agriculture trade shows are more than just a small-town affair. It’s an opportunity to network with your industry peers and generate potential leads. You can discuss new ideas and learn about innovations in the industry. Listen to the top leaders and use their knowledge to improve your business strategy and increase sales.

Farming is a substantial contributor to the economy and has been responsible for making the American economy a net exporter of food. Driving the sustainable growth of the country’s agriculture and farming industry vertical is a continuous stream of agriculture technology innovations like the mechanical reaper, the cotton gin, the Ford son tractor, and the combined harvesters.

While you participate in agriculture trade shows, you have the opportunity to market yourself and your brand in person to potential consumers and clients. You can discuss your products, things you’re working on, and some of your recent accomplishments. Any information provided to clients assists them in realizing why you’re the right person for the job and will help promote your brand and spread the word about you and your work.

The country’s top agriculture and farming trade shows amplify opportunities for small and medium enterprises and blue-chip corporations alike. Agriculture and farming trade shows are excellent places to find crop suppliers, manufacturers, machinery, software providers, agriculture and animal production services, new technology providers, and so on for your farming business. This is the point where supply and demand meet, therefore you should hire trade show booth rental services to attract the maximum crowd at an agriculture trade show.